Clothing Embroidery Projects
  • If you've got two tees and a pair of scissors, you're less than an hour away from this adorable shirt. This hand-stitched cutie is great for kids (especially 'cause they can totally help make it). But you might just want one for yourself, too.
  • Learn multi-hoop techniques as you add a pretty layered design of blossoms and leaves to a blouse.
  • These DIY jammies not only keep your whole fam cozy in style, but let you personalize each pair.
    Jodie Rackley
  • Sara is going to show you that embellishing your kids' hoodies can be a lot of fun. She will show you how to add a baby dino split appliqué design to your child's hoodie.
  • Stitch up your apron with easy sewing techniques, then add a cute applique pocket.
Add customization and personalization to the back pockets of your pants with embroidery!
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