Colored Pencil Draw Projects
  • You don't have to wait 'til summer to spruce up your space with sunflowers. With just a few colored pencils, you can easily create your own bright blooms, no matter the season!
  • Whether we're filling up a vase or creating some new artwork, roses have our hearts. And while it's always hard to compete with nature's beauty, colored pencils do a pretty darn good job of getting this flower's deep, romantic color just right. Want to draw one? We'll walk you through it.
    Sara Barnes
  • Meet Alan and start class with an overview of three essential colored pencil techniques: sketching, tracing, and transferring. Discover how to achieve accurate proportions, turn your sketch into a refined line drawing and easily transfer it to final paper.
  • Practice mixing rich green hues as you start your second project, a green leaf. Susan guides you through drawing, value study and effective color selection. Then she helps you emboss vein lines on your leaf, layer for blended color, create shaded areas, depict 3-D forms and realistic, shiny texture.
The best part of this project? You can use these techniques to draw any flower.
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