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  • Julie and Grayson Chrisley prepare Shrimp Boil Foil Packs, the perfect recipe for a big family.
  • Say goodbye to overly processed veggie burgers that look and taste like cardboard! In this lesson, Nicki prepares one of her family's favorite recipes: sweet potato beet burgers with homemade sriracha mayo. Yum!
  • Grilled steak is a classic summer favorite, and when you're armed with the right techniques, it's much less intimidating than you might think! Find out how to grill a perfect porterhouse steak with a versatile compound butter. After that, Matt teaches you how to grill a basic tri-tip topped with a bold chimichurri sauce.
  • Staying in the spring, Nicki shares her filling Fingerling Potato & Greens Hash that's perfect for any time of day. Then you'll learn how to make her Coconut Chard Gratin, which is both creamy and dairy-free.
  • Now head down South as you learn Al's recipe for New Orleans-style BBQ shrimp, a great dish for casual entertaining. Afterwards, Matt prepares blackened swordfish using his special seasoning blend. You'll get their tips for achieving perfectly cooked shrimp and fish along the way.
  • Amazing but true: after you try this recipe for chocolate hazelnut butter from our class The From-Scratch Kitchen, you'll never buy a jar of Nutella again. It's honestly that good.
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