The Craftsy experience you're used to, with affordable supplies and accessible classes, is staying the same - it's all available at Bluprint.

At Bluprint you’ll be able to

• Watch all of your previously purchased classes
• Order project kits + high-quality supplies
Thank you for being part of our Craftsy family. Read a quick letter that explains why we're excited about this journey and what this new change means for you.


Will I lose my classes?

Nope! All of your previously purchased classes will still be available on Bluprint

Did Bluprint acquire Craftsy?

Craftsy and Bluprint have always been part of the same company, now we've come together as one family, under one name.

Can I still buy supplies and kits?

Absolutely - we will still carry all the great supplies, tools, notions, and kits in the Bluprint shop plus we're adding new things all the time!

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