Owls, unicorns, elephants — they've all had their moments. The most trend-forward animal these days? The flamingo, of course! Top your cupcakes with these beautiful birds for a super of-the-moment dessert.
Felicity and Krystle
When you're talking about color, sometimes less is really more. Especially when you swap dayglo frosting frills for an unexpected cool, glittery monochrome theme that's literally out of this world.
Erin Gardner
Wrap things up with some fun and colorful details, including sprinkles, chocolate bark and a simple drip technique. Learn to use these components to assemble a cheerful mermaid-inspired cupcake, a modern marbled cupcake and Trophy Cupcake's show-stopping 10th anniversary cupcake.
Pull from the techniques you've learned to build your own custom cupcake! Discover how to create mouthwatering desserts based on favorite flavors, such as Jennifer's mocha cupcake inspired by a frozen coffee drink. Embrace the creative baker inside and see how inventive you can get!
Cupcakes topped with mini cakes, macarons, and pies are almost (we said almost!) too cute to eat.
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