Beginner Draw

Getting Started
Skills to Learn
  • Line & Contour
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    The ability to create strong, carefully placed lines is one of the most important skills an artist can learn. Patricia offers thorough demonstrations for creating various line types that will help ground your subjects in space and place them accurately within the plane you've designated. You'll learn the difference between composition, block-in and contour lines before putting charcoal to paper to practice each type.
  • Getting Started With Linear Perspective
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    Meet Marjorie and begin with an overview of perspective. Explore the various attributes of linear perspective. Then dive right into your first project, a tumbleweed, by drawing the framework, or "skeleton."
  • Luminous Color Layering
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    Create a color recipe book with Susan's technique for layering colors and labeling your pencils for future reference. Then, learn Susan's mixing and topping trick for brightening or subduing color combinations. Finally, learn how to use a white pencil to create tints and expand your color palette even more!
  • Stipple, Hatching & Crosshatching
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    Shading isn't just for pencils! Learn clean stippling and hatching and crosshatching techniques to create depth and form. Catherine shows you how to create a range of tones from dark to light using a pen.
Best Beginner Projects
  • Apply all of your newfound skills to draw a complex scene. Charles walks you through each important step, from creating the rough gestural sketch and blocking in the shadow shapes, to building up tones and modeling large and small forms. Plus, discover simple guidelines that will enhance your work!
  • Whether we're filling up a vase or creating some new artwork, roses have our hearts. And while it's always hard to compete with nature's beauty, colored pencils do a pretty darn good job of getting this flower's deep, romantic color just right. Want to draw one? We'll walk you through it.
    Sara Barnes
  • If you love to draw with beautiful bold colors, we've got great news — you're not limited to colored pencils. Pastels are a ton of fun and simple to master once you know how to work 'em.
Get everything you need for capturing your surroundings with pencil and paper, and follow along our detailed lessons in Startup Library: Learn to Draw.
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