Earring Projects
  • Ah, the classic hoop. So timeless, so stylish, and SO easy to make yourself. Your lobes are most definitely in luck!
    Rebecca Anderson
  • The simple hoop earring is everything. It works with any outfit, never looks like you’re trying too hard and refuses to go out of style.
    Kate Wilkonson
  • Even if you've never woven with wire, follow Aga step by step to make textural wire earrings with amethyst and labradorite bead clusters! You'll make a carefully woven wire frame that you can use again and again on any project and learn how to wrap clusters so your earrings cascade with gemstones.
  • Create beautiful cascades of beads or stones with Aga's expert instruction. Learn how to work with chandelier frames, add stones and avoid common mistakes.
  • Dive into the world of copper as Kate shows you how to saw and file your metal, add decorative holes, inscribe designs and use stamps. You'll be amazed by the rich variety of designs that you can choose from!
  • Start your first wire-wrapping project with these fashionable earrings. Keep them simple or add embellishment. You'll learn how to create the ear wires yourself.
  • Dangling hoops decorated with clusters of beads are a stunning fashion accessory. Aga shows you how to make your own.
These earrings are trendy, easy to make and oh-so-gorgeous.
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