Beginner Embroidery
Getting Started
  • Start your fourth and final project, a cluster scarf, as you learn to work a complex specialty stitch, the cluster stitch. Afterwards, Salena shows you how to make color changes in rows and read more complex patterns, including a crochet diagram, to complete your scarf.
    Mary Corbet
  • We’re sending a big thank-you to embellished jeans and cheeky throw pillows for making embroidery the latest crafty comeback. (Seriously, just look at the magic that's happening over on Insta.) Want in? These 10 stitches will get you started, and are a great foundation for taking your hoop to the next level.
    Kristen Valencia
  • Hand embroidery is all about those stitches. But those stitches are all about that floss. Not sure what to use for your next project? Let's take a look at your choices. Really, it comes down to the big three: cotton, silk, and wool. Sure, there are other specialty fibers you can use, but these three will be your heavy hitters (and the easiest to find).
    Mary Corbet
  • If you're ready to stitch your way onto the hand embroidery bandwagon, these projects are calling your name.
Skills to Learn
  • black-machine-embroidery-on-white-fabric
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    Learn two easy ways to quickly transfer an embroidery design to fabric, then explore some additional methods to add to your embroidery toolkit.
  • Method: Hoop Up & Get Started Stitching
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    Find out how to separate stranded floss, thread your needle, and hoop up your fabric. You'll start stitching with the running stitch, the most basic, yet versatile stitch in embroidery.
  • Learn & Practice: Spot Stitches & French Knots
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    Find out how to add all-over texture and color to your sampler, plus all of your embroidery with simple spot stitches! Then Kat demystifies the French knot, a popular stitch that'll be your new favorite with just a little practice.
  • Learn & Practice: Fill Stitches
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    Complete your sampler by coloring in the shapes with fill stitches, including the seed, satin, long and short stitches. Learn how to use other stitches as fill stitches to expand your possibilities!
Best Beginner Projects
  • The holidays are the ultimate excuse to dress your family in matching pajamas (you know you want to). These DIY jammies not only keep your whole fam cozy in style, but let you personalize each pair.
    Jodie Rackley
  • Needle (or thread) painting is a truly artful way to embroider. Here, Jessica shows you how to use this technique to create furlike stitching for your second project, a bear cub design. She also shares tips for making expressive animal features including eyes, ears, a snout and couched mouth.
  • Our motto? Never settle for plain. So when we found a stash of plain, solid-colored pencil cases, we just had to deck them out with a bit of embroidered felt.
Get all the supplies you need to complete your very first project. Plus, you can follow along with detailed video lessons in our Startup Embroidery class!
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