Flowers + Garland Projects
  • There are many reasons to love fresh flowers. But when it comes to DIY, pretty paper ones pack an awesome bang for your buck. Raid your wrapping station for tissue paper, and then get started making this bouquet of blooms.
    Michele Boyer
  • One of my favorite things about paper is how quickly it can turn from a simple flat sheet into a gorgeously festive party statement. And this leaf garland is a great example. You can pull one together in under an hour, then drape it across a wall to make your event feel extra special. It's also completely customizable: Use shades of green for a foliage look, harvest hues for a Halloween party, or even metallics for the new year.Paper GarlandHow to make a homemade garland
    Victoria Hudgins
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle your way to a totally original tree! It all starts with a simple paper garland and paper airplanes (no kidding!) made from leftover wrapping paper. Fold up your airplanes, then fly them straight into the tree for the most fun you've had decorating a tree...ever.
    Kimberly Stoney
These flowers are big, bold and make the perfect party decoration (and selfie backdrop).
  • This airy blossom needs a bit of structure to help support it. First, create and shape the inner petals and assemble the flower center. After that, add the outer petals to give the flower more volume.
  • This beautiful spring flower has a fairly straightforward construction, but it does require a lot of petals. Find out how to use pigment ink to shape your petals. Plus get tips on how to manipulate them to give your flower a full-bloom appearance.
  • Tillandsia (air plants) are great for adding greenery to arrangements, but they're also lovely on their own. Here, learn how to use card stock, spray paint, and pan pastel to create your very own air plants in two different sizes.
  • Paper artist Kristen Johnson explains her passion for paper, as well as how to make paper flowers that brighten up any occasion.
  • In this lesson, Kate shows you how to create a delicate poppy, complete with stamens and pollen. Also, see how to use spray paint to make a custom color for the petals, and give the petals texture and shape.
  • The wild rose is one of the most simple and stunning flowers to make. Meet Kate and start by learning how to make the stamen. Then shape the petals and assemble your rose. Add a mitered leaf for a bit of greenery.
  • For this rose, you'll learn to work with heavy crepe paper to create shapely petals for a voluminous bloom. Starting with the flower center, make the stamen and pollen, then move on to cut and shape your petals. Afterwards, get tips on colors and arranging.
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