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  • I took myself out to dinner recently while I was in Chicago. It was early, and I was the only one there at first — which was a good thing, because if anyone has been watching I probably would have made a fool of myself. I completely lost it over an order of chorizo-stuffed-bacon-wrapped dates. The perfect combination of smoky, salty and sweet, all on one plate (and blissfully mine-all-mine!). Naturally, I finished every bite. The world can't live without these, so I'm copying the spectacular dish here for you, but adding cheese to the mix because we all know we deserve it.
    Ashley Rodriguez
  • We're always grilling during the summer. It keeps the house cool, there's way less cleanup and that savory grilled flavor just can't be beat. But with summer comes summer entertaining, and we're always on the lookout for easy dishes that'll complement our one true passion: committing to entertaining and then getting really overwhelmed beforehand.
    Ashley McLaughlin
  • It's not a summer party without a pitcher of sangria. If you're new to the sangria scene, it's a refreshing combo of wine and fruit juices, with a bit of extra sweetness to amp up the fruity fun.
    Nicole Weston
  • No matter how many parties I host, somehow planning the menu still feels so stress every single time. I've learned to conquer that hump by master simplification, like this perfectly easy (but still elegant!) cheese and cracker spread. All you'll need to do is make a quick trip to the store and spend a few minutes arranging.
    Erin Alderson
  • When I need to feed a crowd, this cheesy garlic pull-apart bread is always my go-to. It’s inexpensive and fast to make, but — more importantly — it bakes beautifully and is completely irresistible. 
    Kris Galicia Brown
  • A massive ball of cheese on the table makes a statement: Welcome to our party! Cheese balls are fun, tasty, lovably retro and easy to make in advance. So go ahead and choose your own cheese-ball adventure. Just don't forget the crackers.
    Jessie Oleson Moore
  • Meet Anne and begin by learning to create a vibrant arrangement of springtime cookies using a beautiful pastel color palette. Then she shows you how to make cookies that look like vintage watercolor roses, mason jars and simple leaves.
  • Get started making cake pops that wow at cocktail parties, bridal showers, birthday parties and beyond!
    Kris Galicia Brown
    Kris Galicia Brown
This recipe by renowned chef Rick Bayless is the ONLY guac you’ll ever want to make again.
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