French Baking
Never used a piping bag before? No problem! Gesine provides instructions on how to fill the bag with choux paste and pipe cream puffs, gougères and éclairs. You'll also learn how to fry churros, tame choux paste into beautiful shapes, and bake professional-looking pastries!
Get a taste of dessert and learn how to make a delicious chocolate croissant.
French macarons may look intimidating, but if you know your way around a stand mixer and a piping bag, they're really no big deal to make. And the huge payoff in fancy-factor is so satisfying!
As you assemble and glaze your fresh fruit tart, you'll learn pastry shop secrets for perfect cutting, foolproof assembly and an easy, inexpensive recipe for nappage (glaze).
Take all your newfound cream-puff skills and make the ultimate French dessert: a croquembouche! We especially love this modern version that’s piled high on top of a cupcake.
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