Furniture Woodwork Projects
  • Meet your instructor, lifelong woodworker and professional teacher Alan Turner, as he previews the curved legs, seat and stretchers you'll make for this beautiful stool. Then get started as Alan walks you through milling the lumber for all of the parts of your stool.
  • Meet your instructor, furniture maker Jeff Miller, and get a preview of the gorgeous Shaker table you'll build using hand tools. Then, dive into your project as Jeff discusses how to pick the wood for your tabletop and offers professional advice for planing the edges and gluing the pieces together. Gather Jeff's tips for fixing convex or concave joins and learn the proper technique for clamping multiple boards together.
  • Apply the skills learned in Lesson 2 to create a dovetail bench. Learn how to prepare and mark the wood before making cuts, as well as the best technique for laying out and cutting tails and pins. Mike shares his time-saving trick for making a simple gauge with an index card. Finally, learn how to precisely lay out and cut pins using the dovetails you just created.
  • Continue practicing the techniques you've learned by building a dovetail box. Mike shares his time-saving tips for laying out and cutting dovetails and demonstrates how to use the dovetails to lay out the pins. Learn proper techniques for cutting out the pins using a handsaw and chisel. Assemble all the piece, make fine-tuning adjustments and finish the box as you attach a bottom and hinged top.
  • Mike walks through the steps of creating the first project of the class, a simple bench, and shares his time-saving techniques and tips for measuring and cutting the leg pieces and the two aprons. Learn how to chisel dado joints and lay out and cut notches as you pick up advice for dealing with imperfections in the wood. After all the cuts have been made, assemble the bench and discover ways to improve upon the final product.
  • Meet expert woodworker Craig Vandall Stevens and get started making an elegant handcrafted coffee table! Learn how to create effective preliminary sketches, then discover simple tricks for turning your sketch into a full-sized model. Plus, get expert advice on selecting wood and laying out the parts.
  • Meet your instructor, woodworker and WOOD magazine instructor Jim Heavey. Then, gather Jim's wood recommendations depending on what type of cabinet you're making. See how quickly a cabinet frame, or carcass, comes together as Jim offers proper technique for cutting the side panels, making dado and rabbet grooves, as well as attaching face frames. Then, learn how to square up your frame to ensure it is sturdy and secure. Jim shows you how his basic cabinet construction is suitable for nearly every room in your house.
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