DIY Halloween
Orange pumpkins will always hold a special place in our hearts, but we're ready for something a little more original. These faux-marbled pumpkins totally do the job, and they're incredibly fun to make. Get in there and play around with your color scheme to make a Halloween palette that's 100% fresh.
by Bluprint
When we heard about the Faster Craft challenge on this week's episode of Making It — to make a last-minute costume using the stuff you'd find in your junk drawer — we immediately thought of dressing up as our furry best friends. And you can make your own, too, just by following our simple tutorial. Keep this one in your back pocket for Halloween!
by Bluprint
Round up your supplies and get to decorating… if you dare.
If you're feeling the spooky season as much as we are, roll up your sleeves, grab your piping bags and get decorating!
by Bluprint
If you spend any time online (or with a 6-year-old) you've probably seen one, two or twenty slime-making videos. The inedible stuff is made by combining different ratios of glue, water and boric acid (Borax or contact lens solution). It's sticky, gross and plenty of fun to play with! But — until now — it definitely wasn't something you'd want to eat. Allow us to introduce the next generation in slime.
by Erin Gardner
Edible blood. Yep, it's gross. And it's totally a thing for halloween. Thanks to our fiendishly easy recipe, you can scare your friends and creep out your fam in a splash. Style tip: It looks even more sinister on simple baked goods that would otherwise appear harmless. 
by Erin Gardner
Bust WAY out of the pumpkin rut with out-of-the-box ideas from our favorite design pros.
These pumpkin cake bites use the same techniques as cake pops, plus a cute curly stem. They take a few steps to make, but the good part is you don't have to aim for perfection. Just think about how lumpy and bumpy real pumpkins are — the pressure is officially off!
by Bluprint
For Halloween, we say there's no shame in making quick. stress-free treats. (It leaves lots of time leftover for more important stuff like scaring your kids and stealing their candy.) These cookies are just the ticket: start with any basic cookie you like, add a few simple decorations and let the monster mash roll.
by Felicity and Krystle
You don't need a whole bunch of fancy cookie cutters and a pastry-school diploma to make super-creative, super-spooky cookies! Start off with basic round sugar cookies, grab three colors of royal icing, and you're in business. Pro tip: each of these designs requires a few hours of drying time, so plan accordingly.
by Felicity and Krystle
We love a good mashup, and this DIY fall wreath/chalkboard is no exception. It's easy to make from a repurposed picture frame, and brings that cozy vibe we're all craving hard right now. Think of it as a pumpkin spice latte for your walls.
by Bluprint
Sure, you could pick up bags at the store. But this DIY version really piles on the style — and won't look like anything else you see this season. The key to to all this graphic coolness is using metallic markers that really POP on the black bags. You can use these for school events, give 'em out to trick-or-treaters, or stuff them with costume-party favors. Add on our printable gift tag, load 'em up with goodies and you're done!
by Kristen Magee
Think there's nothing more terrifying than a giant spider? You haven't heard the crew sing Spice Girls yet! Tune in as the Caked Crusader weaves together a spider-themed Halloween cake, served up with a side of suspect serenading. (If you wanna be my Cake Slayer…)
What happens when gold meets goth? It, like, doesn't even matter. But you can still tune in and watch Joshua tackle a trendy black and gold distressed cake, featuring five shiny tiers of "decaying" gothic designs. (Septum piercing not included.)
These monsters just dropped in to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
You've asked, and we heard! Here is one EPIC loaded manly cake with brownie, cheesecake, cookie, chocolate and beard oil (just kidding). We dare you to make one.
Looks like all eyes are on Joshua's latest cake… literally! Join the Caked Boo-sader as he combines sweet and spooky in a tier-ifying Halloween cake, complete with airbrushed eyeballs and a few "haunting" pranks from the crew. (P.S. It's James' favorite episode ever!)
Skull's in session! Join JJR and the crew as they wrap up four weeks of Halloween fun with a Day of the Dead Sugar Skull that'll chill you to your, um, bones. Plus, don't miss all the spooky submissions sent in by Cake Slayers all over the world!
So. Cute. So. Easy. Award yourself a hassle-free Halloween and with these beginner-friendly cupcakes that make a huge halloween splash, but don't require a bunch of fancy skills. They're even easy enough to make with the kids!
by Felicity and Krystle
If we could still trick-or-treat and fill our own pillowcases with thousands of calories of candy, we would. No question. But apparently we're adults now, so Halloween needs to grow up a little bit too. Luckily it doesn't take much to throw together this spook-tastic centerpiece. And we have a sneaking suspicion it'll make you the star of the party.
by Felicity and Krystle
Eeeeek! You're about to get caught up in a web ... of Halloween adorableness. These creepy, crawly cake pops will put a little spook in your holiday strut. It take a few steps to make 'em, but it's not hard. Best of all, this recipe is totally forgiving. Even if your spider details aren't exactly perfect, the finished effect is totally cute enough to eat. We promise.
by Kris Galicia Brown
Whoa! A friendly ghost popping right out of a jack-o-lantern? Now that's what we call a party! If you've been itching to go all-out on your sweet treats, October 31st is definitely your moment. That's why we dreamed up this boo-tiful masterpiece — and the step-by-step tutorial to go with.
by Lynlee North Beckett
Witch, please! Have you ever seen a cooler cupcake topper? You might love fondant or hate it, but there's no denying it's the best for fancy decorations. And Halloween might just be prime time to bust it out. Gather your tools and prepare to get down with some serious hocus-pocus. Broomstick optional.
by Lynlee North Beckett
If you’re like us, Halloween is your moment to get craft-crazy. These prints are all about it.
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