Hand Embroidery Projects
  • Start your first project, a tropical floral wreath, by reviewing key stitches such as the backstitch, satin stitch and stem stitch. Practice the fishbone stitch, before exploring color shading and gradations with the long and short stitch.
  • If you've got two tees and a pair of scissors, you're less than an hour away from this adorable shirt. This hand-stitched cutie is great for kids (especially 'cause they can totally help make it). But you might just want one for yourself, too.
  • Needle (or thread) painting is a truly artful way to embroider. Here, Jessica shows you how to use this technique to create furlike stitching for your second project, a bear cub design. She also shares tips for making expressive animal features including eyes, ears, a snout and couched mouth.
  • Embroidery is something that anyone can learn — it's easy, affordable and you can do it almost anywhere! In this kids' beginner class, explore embroidery basics alongside expert Jessica Long. Learn five foundational stitches as Jessica helps you create a magical narwhal design that you can hang on your wall or give as a gift.
    Jessica  Long
    Jessica Long
  • Your final project is a botanical beauty with an abstract floral theme. You'll expand on the techniques you've learned with a more complex design, learn more stitches and then enjoy the freedom of improvising as you go!
  • You could embroider "home sweet home" on a hoop, but we'll leave that to our grandmas. On the other hand, stitching this whole neighborhood of adorable little dwellings is a project we'll gladly take on ourselves.
    Kristen Valencia
  • Here, Kat introduces stitch families. Find out how to use them in the class sampler as she demonstrates five easy stitches that allow you to outline any shape and make lines or expressive marks on your embroidery.
  • Take a look at your closet: What have you already embroidered? It's likely that a T-shirt, jacket, and maybe even monogrammed pajamas are in there — and that's great. But here's an off-the-T-shirt way to showcase your stitching in style.
  • Get started on a bead-embroidered cuff! Use the template Myra provides or design your own. Myra likens designing to doodling with beads. Learn to integrate different bead sizes and shapes, including bugle beads, for a project with gorgeous dimension and depth.
  • Learn how to overlap fabrics, add more stitches (including the wheatear stitch!), and play with fun embellishments while making this bold bird.
  • Everywhere we look, hoops are going green — literally! The #PlantLady trend has made it into the embroidery world, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. (Especially those of us who aren’t the best at remembering to water the real deal.)
    Noa Aga
  • Embroider with beads for eye-catching results! Create sparkling flowers, leaves and other stunning embellishments by hand.
    Myra Wood
    Myra Wood
  • A traditional Japanese needlework technique, sashiko was originally used for repairs and reinforcements. But today it's getting lots of love for its decorative purposes. The patterns are always graphic and repetitive, and they use only a basic running stitch (yes, beginners, you should try this!).
    Bridgeen Gillespie
  • Ready to put it all together for your first project? You'll use cut-out letters to spell the word "MAKE." After you cut and fuse your fabrics, add stitching, beads, buttons (optional), tassels and trim. Then build your skills by learning the feather stitch, a boho-style favorite.
  • Our motto? Never settle for plain. So when we found a stash of plain, solid-colored pencil cases, we just had to deck them out with a bit of embroidered felt.
  • Do you ever feel like you can't possibly hang another frame in your house? The next time you want to display a special photo, think outside the box and inside the hoop!
  • If you've been loving the embroidery trend, now's the time to show off those stitches for the holidays! These ornaments from Jessica Long of Namaste Embroidery (and our Modern Hand Embroidery class!) use beginner-friendly stitches to create adorable sparkly samplers that look great on your tree or wreath.
    Jessica Long
  • Every style blogger worth her selfie is posting summer snaps with a glass of rosé in one hand and straw beach bag in the other. And with good reason: the bags are roomy, durable, and pretty darn cute. (Plus, sand just shakes right out of them.) What's not so cute: how crazy-expensive they can be, sometimes upwards of $150, especially when they have embroidery or other embellishments. Say goodbye to your #summervibes budget.
    Jill Sieracki
These personalized jammies keep the whole fam feeling cozy and looking stylish.
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