Hat Crochet Projects
  • Meet your instructor, Stacey Trock, who will have you crocheting in the round in no time! Stitch along with her as she shows you a simple way to start fabric in the round and increase it to create the crown of your first hat. Stacey offers advice for checking gauge and simple solutions for when the measurements are off. She'll also show you the different fabrics you can create in single crochet based on which loop or loops you work.
  • Add a brim to give your hats structure. Work along with Stacey as you make your next hat, a cloche, and learn to sew a brim back on itself in a neat and tidy manner. Then, discover how this technique can be employed to create wide-brimmed hats as well!
  • Move on to another practice project: a patterned beret hat. Kim will share tips for increasing and shaping your beret, decreasing in pattern and adding a sturdy, stylish brim.
  • Stacey shows you how to tweak the pattern you've been working with to create a fun, slouchy beret! Customize your beret to your style, making it as wide or long as you wish! Stacey offers tips for ensuring a perfect fit and adding a delicate lace texture. Create a button band for a stylish embellishment and see how to block your hat for maximum drape.
  • We are ALL aboard that ombré bandwagon. But rounding up tons of yarn colors to create a perfect fade? Not so much. That's why we love dip-dye. Just knit or crochet your fave basic hat, dip it, put it on, and look ombré-dorable. Seriously, it's that easy.
  • Continue practicing by making a simple hat and see the variety of styles you can create. Kim will also explain the simple math of working hats and show you how to get a great fit.
  • Make your basic round beanie into an adorable earflap hat with just one easy change! Stacey shows you how to transition from round to flat work as you create the cozy earflaps. Gather tips for counting stitches and identifying the end of a row.
  • Practice the center-out round method to create your third project, a cute bulky hat that's worked from the top down. Start with a magic circle and work increases to shape your hat. Then see how to change colors to finish it off.
If you don't have a go-to baby hat in your arsenal yet, what are you waiting for?! Not only are hats quick to crochet and easy enough for newbie crocheters, they make great gifts.
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