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  • No, this is NOT a fine art piece available only in a fancy gallery. It's a totally do-able DIY that starts with — wait for it — an old vinyl record. Just. So. Cool.
  • Inspired by the signature pieces from Anna VonRosenstiel of Carter & Rose, these clay planters are an instant upgrade for all your favorite little air plants. Keep this project manageable by using oven-bake clay — no kilns required!
    Anna Ghublikian
  • There’s A LOT to love about giant yarn. It’s super cozy, it knits up really (like really, really) fast, and it has to-die-for texture. So when Anja Johnson from Peony & Thyme wanted to show us how to use it to make a throw pillow, we were quick to jump on board.
    Anja Johnson
  • If your kiddos love animals, this is the perfect way to light up their creativity (and their room!) This DIY lamp is incredibly simple to make, and you can customize it with your child's favorite critters and color.
  • Practice the techniques you've learned in previous lessons by making an attractive spring-themed table runner. Margie guides you through the steps of arranging and fusing the appliqué, then demonstrates how to add a variety of decorative stitches. Finish by making a checkerboard border.
  • James builds a unique kitchen accent wall using hundreds of old spoons and a few simple tools.
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