Kirstie's Handmade Christmas
It’s a truly crafty Christmas as home guru Kirstie Allsopp returns with sparkling inspiration from some of the UK’s most creative makers and doers.

A Holiday Special From Our Partners At BBC Studios

Get set for a sparkling festive season as Kirstie Allsopp presents the ultimate Christmas craft show.
Kirstie's Handmade Christmas: Season 4
The magical festive HQ hosts Kirstie's Christmas cake decorating competition.
Experience Kirstie's hotly anticipated tree-decorating competition.
Watch Kirstie's advent calendar competition at the festive HQ.
It's Christmas sweater time! Kirstie's best knitted jumper competition will have you in stitches.
Kirstie's sweetest competition features gingerbread house building.
Who doesn't love a basket full of holiday goodies? Get inspiration from Kirstie's best Christmas hamper competition.
Kirstie's handmade wreath competition opens the door to festive decorations.
This handmade stocking competition is stuffed full of holiday delights.
A pretty package makes any present better. Stock up on ideas with Kirstie's best Christmas wrapping competition.
The magical festive HQ plays host to Kirstie's handmade gift competition. Which will be your favorite?
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