Meet Kristy Glass
Kristy is a social media maven who entertains her YouTube audience with her latest knitting projects, yarn hauls, and reviews. Kristy knits, crochets, loves yarn, and crafts with her family, too. In fact, she and daughter Olive host “Jump Into Knitting” and she also hosts “The Stitch Dimension” in addition to her other Bluprint projects.
Knitting Classes
Tackle sweet new skills with Kristy by your side.
Join Kristy Glass on a journey of textile discovery that proves there's more to knitting than meets the ply! If you consider yourself among the fiber-curious — if you get your thrills from picking pills and alpaca mills, we want to cordially welcome you to The Stitch Dimension.
Kristy  Glass
Kristy Glass
Knitting is calming, creative, and easy! It's even more enjoyable when you stitch along with your kids. In this kids' beginner class, Kristy Glass and her daughter, Olive, show you how to start knitting and make your first project, a magic "pouch of possibilities." From casting on to binding off, they'll guide you step by step — and have a few laughs along the way.
Kristy  Glass
Kristy Glass
As a super busy mother of three, I often feel like I have to justify the time I spend knitting. There are so many demands on my time, it sometimes feels a little selfish to prioritize what at first glance may look like a hobby. But, my friends, it is so much more than a hobby. Knitting keeps me sane, keeps me focused, and, without a doubt, makes me a better person.
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Brickyard Swoncho Knitting Kit From Bluprint
Flip Top Mittens Knitting Kit From Bluprint
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Inara Wrap Knitting Kit From Bluprint
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Jump Into Embroidery Kit From Bluprint
Jump Into Knitting Kit From Bluprint
Flock of Sheep Pillow Knitting Kit From Bluprint
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