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Making a Maker
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“I really do think there’s something therapeutic about creating.”
“You should do what excites you, what drives your passion. Just follow that.”
“It’s very gratifying to create something from nothing. It makes it special.”
“Everything is trial and error. You don’t know you can do it unless you try.”
“I feel really blessed to be a guy in my mid-forties who does arts and crafts for a living.”
“Not everyone’s going to like what you do, and I’ve realized that’s ok.”
“I’m interested in building things that bring joy.”
"I was raised with a dad that tinkered on tractors and a mom that made beautiful quilts, and that gift was passed down to me.”
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Simon reveals secrets from the set — and offers new makers a word of advice.
Maker Favorite Reads
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Perhaps you look at an abstract painting and think "Um, my 5-year-old could paint that." And then you sit down with a blank canvas and immediately regret such thinking.
Elise Engh
Do you ever feel like you can't possibly hang another frame in your house? The next time you want to display a special photo, think outside the box and inside the hoop! Transfer the image to fabric, hoop it up and add three-dimensional details with a little embroidery floss.
If you're not sure what creative pursuit to try next, simply look to the stars! Believe it or not, astrology can help you find a new hobby that perfectly fits your personality. Find your sign below, and get ready to try something new!
Got more canvas tote bags than you know what to do with? Us too. Rather than let them pile up in the closet, give 'em new life! All you need is a stencil and a little paint.
Let's be honest: creativity often comes in spurts, and whaddya know, free time does too. In fact, for many of us, free time is in such short supply that when you get an hour you feel like screaming from the rooftops and making the most of every minute. Thankfully, there are tons of different projects you can make by hand in 60 minutes or less. Here are seven for you try.
Sara Barnes
l love a good DIY project just as much as the next girl. But a few years ago, I was craving a hobby I could also teach myself. And, preferably, teach myself while at home mindlessly watching Netflix. Brush calligraphy ended up being just the one! And while I won’t get into how many hours I spent practicing while binge-watching Parks & Rec, you really only need 10 minutes a day to hone this new skill.
Ahh, summer...full of late sunsets, flickering fireflies and backyard barbecues, where slices of watermelon are fresh and juicy. To freeze time, if only just a tiny little bit, create a watermelon painting. Whether you're a novice painter or a pro with a palette, this four-step process is actually no sweat, and nearly as sweet as the real thing.
Elise Engh
No shame in grabbing a grocery store sheet cake to sweeten your next special occasion. But why stop there? It only takes a teensy bit of extra effort to spiff up an otherwise ho-hum dessert. Even better: No need to be a pastry pro or make a dozen different frostings to recreate all those cakes you're saving on Pinterest.
Becky Duffett
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