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Getting Started
  • Meet Chris Grey and gain a better understanding of how digital cameras work, the different types, as well as the various lenses and what each of them do.
  • Seems like just about everyone with an iPhone and an Instagram account is fascinated by photography these days. But the truth is, there’s a lot that goes into taking a great picture. There’s the composition, the lighting, the angle … and about a million other things that the pros spend years mastering. If you’re interested in really learning the craft, start with these ten mini-lessons.
    Alethia Rains
  • Begin with an introduction to lifestyle photography as Angie discusses the importance of storytelling. Then look at cameras and her go-to lenses that will help you achieve professional-looking images.
  • My first real camera (that I purchased by myself, for myself) was a Panasonic GH1 back in university. I remember taking loads of photos during campus functions, but it was totally hobby status; not a career. But I fell deeply in love with the hobby when I bought an adapter for a vintage 50mm Canon lens, which made my camera much more fun to use — especially for portraits. Then I kept on buying different lenses for that first camera and there was no looking back. My hobby had turned into a full-blown obsession.
    Josh Vergara
Skills to Learn
  • Light
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    Explore lighting, including its direction, color and quality. By understanding how the camera sees and adjusts for light and color, you can take better pictures using simple tips and techniques that don't require a ton of extra equipment.
  • Shutter Speed
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    Become a master at capturing motion as Rick demonstrates how adjusting the shutter speed allows you to freeze action and create artistic blurs with panning. You also will learn useful tips for avoiding camera shake as Rick shares his suggested shutter speeds for different types of movement. Start taking control of your images!
  • Close up of hands knitting
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    Adjusting your camera's ISO setting is helpful when you need to increase its sensitivity to light, especially when shooting in low light. See how increasing the ISO changes your photo and can create a mood as Rick discusses the pros and cons of adjusting this setting on your camera.
  • Lenses
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    Your choice of lens will determine how much of a story you can tell. Rick demonstrates how different lenses and focal lengths affect your background. Understand how wide-angle, prime, zoom, and telephoto lenses can change the depth of your images, and make colors pop by adding a polarizing filter.
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