Pies + Tarts
Elevate an American classic using a two-stage, oat-flour crust and a salted-caramel apple filling. Plus make a crimped double crust with apple cutouts for your best apple pie ever.
Try out a one-stage crust for your final pie: a blackberry, white chocolate cream number. You'll learn how to whip up a blackberry filling and finish it with a white chocolate Bavarian cream and a decorative braided edge.
Find out how to fill a two-stage, almond crust with a brandied-cherry filling. You'll also learn how to make a distinctive lattice crust.
Discover the in and outs of cooking decadent pastry cream as you learn to make a berry-flavored version that's perfect for the summer months. Find out how to fill and assemble your tarts with fresh berries, before exploring a seasonal variation using gingerbread pastry cream.
A crispy, cookie-like crust gets topped with salted caramel and rich chocolate ganache. Finish it off with some toasted marshmallows, and we’re pretty sure eevverrryone will get going back for seconds.
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