If you're in charge of roasting the festive turkey this year, there are two things to remember: 1) breathe, and 2) it's not as difficult as you might think.
by Bluprint
Gravy is to turkey as frosting is to cake. As coffee is to donuts. As leggings and knit hats are to autumn days. Neither is really complete without the other. Get the picture? Although the turkey is often thought of as the Thanksgiving centerpiece, a good gravy is actually your secret weapon.
by Bluprint
If you've put cheese and crackers in the "boring" box, we invite you to think again. A big, bold, flavorful display is the smartest shortcut to major wow-factor when the guests walk in.
by Bluprint
These days, we don’t have too many moments when it feels right to pull out all the stops in table decor. But a holiday dinner definitely calls for all the sparkle and bling — and how fun is that???
by Wendy Rose Gould
We vote for this outrageously adorable turkey cake. This kind of fun comes exactly once a year — don’t miss it!
A dinner roll done right is a thing of beauty, especially for a special-occasion meal when you're busting out the pretty dishes. And don't get us started on the aroma that fills your house when fresh bread's in the oven. They should bottle that stuff.
by Jessie Oleson Moore
Imagine if a buttery croissant and a feather-light challah had a delicious, roll-sized baby. That just about sums it up. And if these aren't on your holiday must-bake list, we suggest you reconsider.
by Jessie Oleson Moore
Fresh-from-the-oven buns and rolls are what’s for dinner! Master accessible techniques for sweet and savory breads, with King Arthur Flour’s Jeff Yankellow.
Jeff Yankellow
with Jeff Yankellow
Nothing lures guests to the dinner table like an overflowing basket of homemade rolls! Here, learn how to make Yukon Gold potato rolls, super-seed dinner rolls and fresh popovers. Plus whip up luscious honey butter to top them all off.
Marshmallows with dinner is definitely an idea we can get behind. But when it comes to Thanksgiving, a little moderation makes sense. After all, we have save room for pie.
by Nicole Weston
It's official: fall is here. I know because I just roasted a squash. And of all the many rituals that mark the change of seasons, this one seals the deal for me. Once you roast a squash, there's no going back.
by Ashley Rodriguez
Three ingredients. Three steps. Cranberry sauce doesn't get any simpler, or more delicious. We'd say it goes great on leftover turkey sandwiches, but there won't be any leftovers.
by Nicole Weston
Carrots are a total rock star for holiday meals. First of all, they're a really festive color (sorry, spinach). Plus they're naturally sweet, which is just what we crave for a big celebration.
by Nicole Weston
There are salads and there are great salads. Martha walks you through the bounty of lettuces and herbs you can combine for a refreshing variety of tastes and textures. Learn the principles of making your own delicious vinaigrette and you'll never need to buy another bottle. Martha also shows how easy it is to make your own crispy croutons from leftover bread.
Take your vegetables from bland to bold for meals you'll love, with accessible cooking techniques and professional troubleshooting tips!
Ivy  Manning
with Ivy Manning
Cruciferous vegetables are crunchy and bright in Nicki's kitchen. Cook her Caramelized Brussels Sprouts & Mushrooms with Honey­Garlic Balsamic Vinaigrette & Fried Shallots and Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Almond ­Caper­Cauliflower Salsa and change the way your guests perspectives on these fall and winter staples.
Hearty greens such as Swiss chard, kale and beet tops can be the centerpiece of a colorful and flavorful meal. Anna shares tips for washing, prepping and storing such greens, then walks you through a a recipe for orecchiette pasta with lacinato kale and sun-dried tomatoes, perfect for a weeknight dinner. If you have greens left over, try making crunchy kale chips!
Our no-frills guide takes the guesswork out of picking the perfect holiday pour.
Pro floral arrangements might look like complex, intricately crafted works of art, but if you know the right techniques they're much easier than you’d think. Carly Cylinder from The Flower Kitchen is here to give us some pointers just in time for party season.
by Bluprint
Orange pumpkins will always hold a special place in our hearts, but we're ready for something a little more original. These faux-marbled pumpkins totally do the job, and they're incredibly fun to make. Get in there and play around with your color scheme to make a Halloween palette that's 100 percent fresh.
by Bluprint
Break out the lush, long-stemmed greenery! In this episode, Carly makes a garland two different ways using one tool: bind wire. Bonus: This arrangement looks great hanging or on the table.
We’ll sum up the magic in just two words: save room.
Light and flaky crusts, the foundation of perfect pies, are within your reach with the help of chef and pie expert Evan Kleiman.
Evan Kleiman
with Evan Kleiman
Elevate your dessert game with the best pies around!
Melanie Wanders
with Melanie Wanders
Bring the joy of perfect pastry within reach!
Gesine Bullock-Prado
with Gesine Bullock-Prado
You gotta love this: DIY wine tags that combine your love of wine with your love of crafting. This project adds a personal, seasonal touch to any bottle of wine, whether it be a gift for a fall b-day or your contribution to the Thanksgiving table.
by Bluprint
We love a good mashup, and this DIY fall wreath/chalkboard is no exception. It's easy to make from a repurposed picture frame, and brings that cozy vibe we're all craving hard right now. Think of it as a pumpkin spice latte for your walls.
by Bluprint
Don't mess with tradition. That's the rule behind this old-fashioned cake, and one bite will tell you why. It's got all the fall flavors you crave (think cinnamon, brown sugar, ginger and cloves), and you can mix the whole thing up in just one bowl, literally in minutes.
by Nicole Weston
Have you heard the news? Moist, yummy carrot cake and gobs of cream cheese buttercream are now officially finger food. Why didn't someone think of this sooner?
by Kris Galicia Brown
We're always on Team Pecan Pie, no matter how big or small but these bite-sized sweeties have a special place in our hearts. Could it be the cream cheese in the pastry that makes them so irresistible?
by Bluprint
Baker Nicki Sizemore and Bob’s Red Mill bring you four holiday dessert recipes to end your meals with a bang.
Nicki Sizemore
with Nicki Sizemore
Learn the simple secrets to making strudel at home! From sweet apple to savory cabbage, make pastries your loved ones will be raving about for weeks.
Nick  Malgieri
with Nick Malgieri
Sugar, spice and everything nice! Nicki's mini pumpkin spice loaves make for the sweetest holiday gifts. And they're equally delicious when served as dessert or delightful breakfast treats. Not to mention the bourbon cream-cheese frosting, which takes them totally over the top.
Discover the perfect bite-sized treats for bake sales and beyond! Katie shares her signature recipe for baked pumpkin donut holes with cinnamon sugar.
Conclude the class by making a class pear tarte Tatin. This elegant, caramelized upside-down pie might just become your go-to dessert. It's delicious with apples, too!
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