The Naked Chef
Go back to basics with Jamie Oliver in his first-ever cooking show! This feel-good series shows us how food, family and friends are the ingredients for happiness.

A Holiday Special From Our Partners At BBC Studios

Jamie Oliver presents a special program for Christmas. Before the cooking starts there's the drink to stock up on and the venue to decorate.
The Naked Chef: Season 3
The oven has yet to be installed in Jamie's new home, so he whips up a quick snack for the removal men on a camping stove.
Jay Kay of Jamiroquai asks Jamie to cook for the band, so he prepares roast beef with Yorkshire puddings and fresh produce from Jay's organic garden.
Jamie is to be a godfather and decides to cook a special celebration christening dinner on board a houseboat. The meal includes oysters and brill.
On a trip to the Scottish Isles, Jamie cooks scallops with asparagus and baby leeks, prawns with oregano and chili, and rich chocolate mousse.
With wife Jules away for the weekend, Jamie feeds his male friends with a spicy extravaganza featuring a high-quality curry sauce.
Jamie goes back to school and shows a group of cooking students how to prepare a marinated mozzarella salad and easy-to-make ginger beer.
Jamie pays a visit to his mentor to see if his mentor approves of his new recipe for parsnip and pancetta tagliatelle, while roast duck is also on the menu.
After riding the surf in North Cornwall, Jamie prepares a beach barbecue of salmon with herbs in newspaper, and beef in soy sauce and ginger.
The Naked Chef: Season 2
When commitments force the Oliver family to have their Christmas dinner early, Jamie arranges an alternative meal with Mediterranean overtones.
Jamie takes time out and meets up with an old friend. He organizes a reunion supper for everyone they used to work with.
Jamie's girlfriend persuades him to join her girls' night out, so he dutifully prepares some treats for the pajama party.
Jamie has a great time go-karting, and then cooks blackened sweet eggplant, stuffed chili peppers, carpaccio of beef and a Thai noodle salad.
A group of friends are off to the greyhound track in Walthamstow, so Jamie cooks hors d'oeuvres for everyone before they set off.
On a nostalgic trip to Southend, Jamie prepares a roast chicken hamper, Moroccan chickpea flatbread, and couscous salad with chargrilled vegetables.
When his sister announces she is pregnant, Jamie decides to cook a celebratory meal of fish pie, salad and peach sponge.
Jamie throws an Australian beach barbecue to mark the 30th birthday of his best friend, but this one is held indoors.
Jamie and Jules entertain their respective future in-laws with linguine with olive oil, salmon fillet wrapped in prosciutto, and fruit sorbet.
The Naked Chef: Season 1
Naked Chef Jamie Oliver prepares a meal that includes lamb with pancetta, sage and rosemary for fellow chefs.
Jamie prepares a meal for his sister's hen night (bachelorette party). It includes baked salmon with olives, green beans and anchovies, and a lemon and lime cream tart.
Jamie cooks a fun meal for his three young cousins, involving spaghetti with chili, anchovies and pangrattato (breadcrumbs), and praline semifreddo (frozen mousse).
Jamie prepares a Thai green curry for his band. He also cooks vegetable tempura with dipping sauce; and tomato, cucumber and coconut salad.
It is Jamie's 24th birthday, and he has a lot to celebrate. The recipes include party essentials such as vodka melon.
Working in the restaurant means Jamie has devoted little time to his girlfriend. He decides on a romantic lunch and turns on the oven, and the charm.
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