Valentine's Day Gifts

Put the DIY in ILY
Embroidery + paper = one of the coolest cards we've seen. Seriously, look how beautiful this is! And it's actually pretty simple to make, even if you haven't tried embroidery before.
This Valentine's Day, give a piece (er, pieces?) of your heart with a cool mashup of collage and watercolor. Not a watercolor fan? No sweat — you can reinterpret this design using markers, colored pencils or even glitter. Whatever medium you choose, your boo will heart it.
Kristen Magee
Handmade card? Lovely. But here's something even more unexpected: handmade fabric envelopes. They’re super cute, reusable and much more personal than their store-bought cousins. Not to mention, these beauties are a genius way to use up fabric scraps leftover from your latest project.
Baubles to Gift
  • In case you haven't noticed, this cool speckled stone is totally taking over. These faux-terrazzo earrings are incredibly easy and cheap to make, and final product looks 100 percent gallery-worthy.
    Alison Caporimo
  • Betcha didn’t know soap could be this gorgeous. It kind of looks like an artsy rainbow on a cloudy day, right? Even if you’ve never made your own soap before, this method is extremely beginner-friendly — all you need is a handful of supplies and a little bit of patience.
  • Breaking news: macrame is definitely NOT just for wall hangings. (Though we love those, too.) These crafty key chains are so easy to make, you'll be able to finish up multiple keychains in an afternoon. Gifting problems, solved.
  • Big, bold statement jewelry is always trending, and colorful polymer clay beads are the way to do it. But seriously, there's no need to purchase beads pre-made when they're sooooo easy to DIY.
Quick-Stitch Projects We Heart
  • If you've got two tees and a pair of scissors, you're less than an hour away from this adorable shirt. This hand-stitched cutie is great for kids (especially 'cause they can totally help make it). But you might just want one for yourself, too.
  • We can't get enough of this fresh and funky pixelated heart. It's easy to make if you know quilting basics, and it's gorgeous in traditional Valentine hues... or whatever color scheme you dream up (or find in your scrap pile!).
Wear your heart on your sleeves (er, mitts) with this adorable pattern.
Cozy in Love
This scarf may look complicated, but if you can knit, purl, cast on, and bind off, you've got it. Promise! The woven fringe is worked in after you're done knitting: no special tools required.
Sure, the colors of fall look great in all that foliage! But we'd say the warm hues are even prettier in crochet projects. (We do admit to being a little biased, though.) This mug cozy project combines the best seasonal colors with an awesome ombré technique. You're gonna want to wrap your morning brew in it every day!
Kathryn Senior
Move over, chocolate. We're all about the crochet hearts this Valentine's Day. Whip up a bunch using scrap yarn, or just make one for that very special someone. (And then maybe attach it to some chocolate.)
Deluxe bon bons are even more amazing when you make ‘em yourself!
Treats for Your Sweet
If you want to surprise your Valentine with something sweet, we're pretty certain anyone would fall for this fondant love letter.
Felicity and Krystle
Build upon your cake-carving skills as you inlay six colorful layers of cake, all trimmed to fit, for this show-stopping surprise! Conceal it all under a of cover of beautiful buttercream rosettes.
You know the KISS rule ("Keep it Simple, Stupid")? Here's the perfect example. The *easiest heart cake ever* comes together in a flash with absolutely NO carving required, and it's pretty much perfect. Plus, we have four ways to decorate it that are just as simple. Prepare to shower your friends or partner with some sweet, sweet lovin'.
Erin Gardner
The secret to this striking swan cake? Candy melts.
Cake Toppers, with Love
We're all caught up in the romance of old-fashioned wax seals — especially when they're totally edible and used to adorn fancy cookies or cake. (Bonus points if the seals match your party invites!)
Felicity and Krystle
You know those cakes covered in beautiful, realistic sugar flowers? Yes, they're amazing. And here's the good news: the techniques needed to create those lifelike blossoms aren't actually so hard.
Bake Up Some Love
End class by taking a deep dive into mixing red icing shades and tones, then explore five different red food gel options. Afterwards, see how to create a drop cookie bouquet and build a heart-shaped box of chocolates … in cookie form!
Valentine's Day and sweets are made for each other. And if you ask us, real love (or at least "real like") calls for the real deal — butter, chocolate and all.
Kristin Bellini
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