But First, Dessert
You know the scene: Another wedding’s winding to a close. You’ve probably spent the night dancing (or hugging a safe corner of the room), indulging and gushing over the fabulous couple. There’s just one thing left to do: gobble down dessert. And — if you’re anything like us — you're kinda bored of cake.
Alexis Methven
Today in cake, anything goes — even at a wedding. So says Bluprint’s own Man About Cake, Joshua John Russell. And he oughta know. JJR packs some serious wedding cake cred, including the towering, gold-embellished show-stopper he crafted for MJ’s wedding on this season’s Shahs of Sunset.
Elizabeth Ellis
French macarons may look intimidating, but if you know your way around a stand mixer and piping bag, they're really no big deal to make. Whip up a batch and your friends won't be able to resist an oh-la-la!
Before those wedding bells ring, you’ve got to shower the bride! And every celebration of love needs a few extra-special touches… like these cookies.
The secret to this geometric cake: buttercream, a ruler, and... more buttercream.
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Oh wedding cake, we will never stop loving you! But whether we’re talking about the fillings and frostings or gorgeous decorations, this spring’s trends are going to make it mighty hard to say “I Do” to just one.
Felicity and Krystle
Whether your wedding is all about those traditions or totally unique to you, it’s hard not to swoon over these gorgeous white cakes!
It’s time to shine! These wedding cakes are (almost) as radiant as the happy couple thanks to extra special, shimmery, and metallic accents.
Centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres …. but why stop there? If there’s ever a time to go overboard on blooms, it’s definitely your wedding. And these cake ideas prove that everything is prettier with a floral touch.
DIY the Perfect Place Settings
A memorable place card is the ultimate way to tell your guests how much they matter — especially when you make it yourself. Go sweet and delicate like the ones pictured here, or bring in a pop of bright color to complement your other party decor. Super easy, totally original and so pretty.
Amy Palanjian
Krislam begins by going over the materials you'll need to get started. Then practice using your brush pens as you dive into some drills and create simple block letters, focusing on how to vary the pressure to achieve different stroke widths.
If you're throwing a wedding on a budget, you've got a few things to consider before DIY'ing place cards: They've gotta be easy enough so you can whip up dozens, but you can't sacrifice the beauty. This sweet circle fits the bill — and it's totally customizable to suit your color scheme and style.
Paper Flowers Are Having a Moment
Paper flowers bring color and joy to any fete, and you'll learn how to make these oversized eye-catchers. From cutting, folding, and layering, to adding color and embellishments, Kristen has you covered.
There are many reasons to love fresh flowers. But when it comes to DIY, pretty paper ones pack an awesome bang for your buck. Raid your wrapping station for tissue paper, and then get started making this bouquet of blooms.
Michele Boyer
The wild rose is one of the most simple and stunning flowers to make. Meet Kate and start by learning how to make the stamen. Then shape the petals and assemble your rose. Add a mitered leaf for a bit of greenery.
DIY your own wedding centerpieces that are budget-friendly and beautiful.
Handmade for Your Bridesmaids
Bring a little extra sparkle to your look with these gem-studded bobby pins. They're so easy, you'll want to make a few for yourself and a bunch for your besties.
We're firm believers that marble makes everything look more elegant. So why not add a touch of the iconic stone to your vanity or bedside table with a little jewelry dish? The gold rim and blush-and-white color combo is a minimalist’s dream. Plus, you'll never waste time hunting around for your rings again!
Alison Caporimo
Easy, no-sew and cheap to make, this DIY is the ultimate can't-go-wrong bridesmaid gift, stocking-stuffer or birthday party favor. (And don't forget to make one for yourself, too!)
All the Flower Inspo You Need
Most of us have a sense of what colors we prefer, and can even name a favorite or two. But when it comes to floral decor, there’s a whole lot more to creating a gorgeous color scheme than just pointing to the hues you like best.
Elizabeth Ellis
Flowers in the hair: check! Flowers on the tables: check! But isn’t there more we can do? If you’re asking us, the world needs way more wedding flowers. So deck the walls, hang them from the ceiling and pop them on your pets! Here are some new ways to infuse the joy that only those beautiful blossoms can bring.
Alexis Methven
Calling all budding floral artists! Tackle a garden-rustic tablescape in "The Flower Kitchen" series premiere. Carly plays with soft, romantic hues and textures to create three different sized arrangements and shares her secret to hydrated hydrangeas.
If you're paired off, you know the drill. Mention the word “wedding” and the price of everything triples. Add “custom” and prepare to hand over you first-born. Sure, we all want a one-of-a-kind wedding that doesn't drain our life savings, and some things are easy to handle on your own — you can DIY your invitations or make rad photo booth props on the cheap. But for a newbie, flower arranging seems like one area where you have to bring in a pro... right? Not quite.
Victoria Barrett
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