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  • Meet expert woodworker Craig Vandall Stevens and get started making an elegant handcrafted coffee table! Learn how to create effective preliminary sketches, then discover simple tricks for turning your sketch into a full-sized model. Plus, get expert advice on selecting wood and laying out the parts.
  • Turn your scrap wood into appreciated gifts as Andy shows you how to work delicate pieces. You'll master the use of a spindle gouge and cut grooves with a thin parting tool, and you'll love Andy's cool trick for making sure you have evenly spaced grooves on the dipper. Discover the movements you'll need to make with your spindle gouge as you round the head of the dipper and create the beaded detailing. Finally, see how to quickly apply a food-safe oil to your finished piece while it's still on the lathe.
  • Create a sturdy and useful citrus juicer as you learn techniques for carving a decorative V-groove with a skew chisel. Then, shape the handle and juicer with a spindle gouge. Andy offers advice for the size and scale of your juicer and points out troubleshooting tips along the way. Discover what wood works best for this project and then hand carve the grooves for the juicer head. Learn how to index your piece so that your grooves are evenly spaced.
  • Meet your instructor, Michael Kehs, and preview the amazing bowls that can be made on a lathe. Then, discover which parts of a tree are ideal for bowl making and venture outdoors with Michael as he harvests the blank for the bowl he shapes in this class.
  • It doesn't take much time or money to make an edge grain (edge grain = just the edge strip of the wood, like the side of a 2 x 4) cutting board yourself. Plus they make awesome gifts for just about anyone old enough to be trusted with a knife.
    Mitch Roberson
  • Mike walks through the steps of creating the first project of the class, a simple bench, and shares his time-saving techniques and tips for measuring and cutting the leg pieces and the two aprons. Learn how to chisel dado joints and lay out and cut notches as you pick up advice for dealing with imperfections in the wood. After all the cuts have been made, assemble the bench and discover ways to improve upon the final product.
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