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Know Your Wool
Know Your Wool
Deborah Robson
Get the wool truth! This free mini-class with Deborah Robson gives you a nuanced understanding of different fibers and the best use for each type of wool.
Curiously Similar
Take control of your fiber preparation to spin the blends you want! Learn how to use carders, combs and hackles to prep for brilliant textures and hues.
Esther Rodgers
with Esther Rodgers
Get some diversity in those drafts and wield your wheel with confidence as you learn to spin your way through the yarn spectrum.
Jacey Boggs Faulkner
with Jacey Boggs Faulkner
Learn how to ply and take your ideal yarn from idea to wonderfully textured, vibrant reality — sure to make your next knitting project pop!
Jillian Moreno
with Jillian Moreno
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All knitters know how important it is to get your daily dose of fiber (Ha! I'll be here all week...). But what if your schedule doesn’t allow time for relaxed Sunday vibes, knitting in bed while sipping coffee? I feel you, and I've got a few ideas to help.
We hate to admit it, but what our parents said when we were kids is right: mistakes do help you learn. (The first time you add a cup of salt instead of sugar into a recipe is usually the last time, right?!)
by Ashley Little
Fall is bringing on some serious knitting vibes, and as if we weren't already itching to stitch ... it's festival season! Nope, we're not talking music here. These fairs are all about fiber.
by Ashley Little
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Know Your Wool