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Homemade Chocolate Candy: Fudge, Bars & More
Homemade Chocolate Candy: Fudge, Bars & More
Elizabeth LaBau
Discover the secrets to whipping up decadent fudge, homemade candy bars and more amazing treats, all in your very own kitchen and all to rave reviews!
Curiously Similar
Gain the confidence to make chocolate candy at home! Learn accessible techniques for melting, tempering and molding chocolate to create the sweets you crave.
Liz Gutman & Jen King
with Liz Gutman & Jen King
Create a chocolatier-worthy box of decadent, homemade treats!
Jacques Torres
with Jacques Torres
Learn simple techniques and troubleshooting tips for creating chewy caramel candies, crunchy brittles, silky crème caramel and more!
Carole  Bloom
with Carole Bloom
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Homemade Chocolate Candy: Fudge, Bars & More