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Whether you're walking through a neighborhood or wandering in nature, build foundational skills for sketching what you see more quickly and easily.

Episode descriptions

Basic Mark Making
1 . Episode: Basic Mark Making

Meet Matt Brehm, your guide to getting started sketching. After learning how your posture and position affect your sketch, you'll warm up with some basic mark making. Learn to draw relatively straight lines and fluid curved lines. Then, use hatching to add lightness and darkness to your sketch.

Planning Your Sketch
2 . Episode: Planning Your Sketch

Creating an effective drawing starts with a plan. In this lesson, you'll learn to make decisions about what to draw, how much of a scene to include and how big your drawing should be. Then, make a plan to ensure your scene will fit on the page.

Seeing & Measuring
3 . Episode: Seeing & Measuring

In this lesson, you'll explore how your brain interprets what you see and how that can impact your drawing. Learn to use pencil sighting for accurate proportions and angles in your sketch. And, find out how to use sight sizing to help check your progress as you lay in the guidelines for your sketch.

Developing Your Sketch
4 . Episode: Developing Your Sketch

Next, flesh out your major guidelines to include more detail in your drawing. Use guidelines to simplify how you capture repetitive elements such as windows and arches. And apply all of what you've learned to non-architectural forms by sketching objects from nature.

5 . Episode: Value

Add depth to your sketch by beginning to incorporate value. In this lesson, you'll learn to differentiate color and value in your scene, and you'll use the angle and pressure of your pencil to control value. Plus, you'll use hatching in perspective to create a realistic sense of space.

6 . Episode: Entourage

Finally, bring your scene to life by adding context to your sketch with the entourage -- details beyond buildings. We'll start by incorporating people into our scene to create a sense of scale and activity. Then, we'll capture landscape elements and finally cars.

About the Teacher

Matt Brehm
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Basic Mark Making
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