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Create artistic cakes using easy decorating techniques. From hand-drawn designs to watercolor effects, learn simple secrets to cakes that wow.

Episode descriptions

Doodle Cake: Tracing & Painting
1 . Episode: Doodle Cake: Tracing & Painting

Learn tips and tricks for working with edible pens as you transfer your designs for no-fail results with reusable templates you make yourself. And, add a color wash for bold accents

Doodle Cake: Doodling
2 . Episode: Doodle Cake: Doodling

Explore how to create freehand doodles as Myton shows you several ideas, from simple to advanced, for successfully and confidently drawing them directly onto your cake.

Appliqué Cake: Painting Petals
3 . Episode: Appliqué Cake: Painting Petals

Learn how to achieve a hand-painted look on dark-colored fondant as you use icing sheets for a foolproof appliqué effect. Then, master watercolor effects as you bring two types of pansies to life.

Appliqué Cake: Assembly & Glazing
4 . Episode: Appliqué Cake: Assembly & Glazing

Understand how and why to assemble your flowers and designs before applying them to your cake. Next, learn proper techniques for applying your frosting sheet appliqué to a fondant-covered cake, and find out how to paint a mirror glaze for an ultra-glossy look

Painted & Shaped Wafer-Paper Tier
5 . Episode: Painted & Shaped Wafer-Paper Tier

Discover all of the wonderful things wafer paper can do as you learn how to paint wafer paper that won't warp. Then, shape it for a stunning structural and modern accompaniment to your appliqué cake.

Coral-Textured Wafer-Paper Tier
6 . Episode: Coral-Textured Wafer-Paper Tier

Learn how to create a textural wafer-paper podium for your doodle cake. You'll see how to hand-tear wafer paper for a coral-inspired finish and find out how to apply the dimensional strip sets before adding delicate hand-painted details.

About the Teacher

Myton Ouano
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1. Episode: Doodle Cake: Tracing & Painting 18min
3. Episode: Appliqué Cake: Painting Petals 22min
4. Episode: Appliqué Cake: Assembly & Glazing 15min
5. Episode: Painted & Shaped Wafer-Paper Tier 15min
6. Episode: Coral-Textured Wafer-Paper Tier 13min


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Doodle Cake: Tracing & Painting
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Simple Techniques for Artistic Cakes

Myton Ouano

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Simple Techniques for Artistic Cakes