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Mary Jane Mucklestone invites you to get just as obsessed as she is by Fair Isle knitting. Then pick up your scissors and leap into steeking!

Episode descriptions

1 . Episode: Introduction

Meet Mary Jane, your guide into the fabulous Fair Isle universe.

Fair Isle History
2 . Episode: Fair Isle History

Learn about the history of Fair Isle knitting.

Shetland Wool
3 . Episode: Shetland Wool

Let's talk about wool! Learn about the perfect yarn for your project: Shetland wool.

Yarn & Color
4 . Episode: Yarn & Color

Color theory doesn't have to be scary! Learn about arranging colors in this lesson.

Fair Isle Charts
5 . Episode: Fair Isle Charts

Charts are a fun way to plan your knitting. Learn how to chart colors and basic reading techniques.

6 . Episode: Swatching

Before you skip swatching (we know you're thinking about it!), watch this lesson to learn the importance of your gauge swatch.

Knitting Your Vest
7 . Episode: Knitting Your Vest

Time to get started! Now that you're fully prepared, you can start your vest. Learn about handling two strands and addressing concerns as you start this beautiful project.

Steeking Your Vest
8 . Episode: Steeking Your Vest

Stabilize your knitting by steeking. Unsure of what steeking is? Watch to find out!

Shaping & Reinforcing
9 . Episode: Shaping & Reinforcing

Shape that sweater! Now that you've steeked, you need to shape your sweater. Get the perfect fit with this lesson.

10 . Episode: Finishing

Finish your vest before it winds up in the work-in-progress pile. Learn how to graft the shoulders and block for a professional look.

About the Teacher

Mary Jane Mucklestone
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The Fair Isle Vest: Stranded & Steeked

Mary Jane Mucklestone

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The Fair Isle Vest: Stranded & Steeked