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My First Toe-Up Socks
My First Toe-Up Socks
Susan B. Anderson
Make toe-up socks you'll love to slip on. Gain the skills and confidence to choose yarn, customize length, add color options, incorporate a heel and more.
Curiously Similar
Knit feats of sock perfection in either direction! Learn solutions for every situation with heel and toe styles, shaping, cast-ons, bind-offs, troubleshooting and more.
Ann Budd
with Ann Budd
Improve your circular knitting with the magic loop technique.
Lorilee Beltman
with Lorilee Beltman
Create socks perfectly fitted to the unique contours of any foot! Learn how to shape heels and toes using versatile methods you can mix and match.
Lara  Neel
with Lara Neel
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The difference between a pair of hand-knit socks and the ones from the store is sort of like the difference between cotton and cashmere. (No offense to cotton! Cashmere is just extra.) If you've ever put on a pair, you know that hand-knit equals exceptional warm and cozy foot happiness. So even if you're a beginner knitter, they're totally worth the effort.
by Ashley Little
I-cord: no, it's not some accessory for your iPhone. In fact, it's a little bit of knitting magic. Sometimes, instead of a flat knitted fabric, your project calls for something more like a long, skinny rope. That’s where I-cord comes in. I-cord creates a long, curling, round project that, as the name suggests, looks like a cord.
by Sarah Johnson
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My First Toe-Up Socks