Reflections in Acrylic: Depicting Light on Water

2h 24min intermediate Resources

Improve the realism of your waterscapes by learning how to paint convincing reflections on both tranquil and choppy waters.

Episode descriptions

Seeing Reflections
1. Episode: Seeing Reflections

Meet your instructor, Peter John Reid, before you learn to simplify reflections by looking at the lines, shapes and colors that produce them. Next, Peter will help you paint a dynamic sky with a wet-in-wet blending technique and a dry brush.

Broken Reflections
2. Episode: Broken Reflections

Use the same wet-in-wet blending technique from Lesson 1 to paint water with a reflection of the sky. You'll also see how to use simple tools for painting straight lines as you capture reflections of a shoreline.

Painting Ripples
3. Episode: Painting Ripples

Learn how ripples affect reflections, and how to paint ripples for realistic results. Then, Peter will explain how the surface of the water looks different depending on its distance from the horizon line.

Painting Depth
4. Episode: Painting Depth

Start on a new water scene as you find out how water depth influences color choice and your approach to painting reflections. You'll create a base for the water in your painting using your wet-in-wet technique, and find out how to troubleshoot if you don't work quickly enough. After that, Peter will give you tips for painting the shoreline and land features.

Choppy Water
5. Episode: Choppy Water

Learn to recreate choppy water as you add ripples to your painted scene. Along the way, you'll see how to achieve the look of movement in surface water using rounded, elongated brush strokes. You'll also discover how to capture the subtle color shifts that occur in choppy water.

6. Episode: Glazing

Apply glazing techniques to achieve a variety of dramatic effects. From creating smooth transitions to an enhanced sense of depth and more, Peter's glazing advice will help you finish your water reflection beautifully.

About the Teacher

Peter John Reid
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Choppy Water
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Reflections in Acrylic: Depicting Light on Water

Peter John Reid

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Reflections in Acrylic: Depicting Light on Water