Improve Your Knitting: Designer Tips & Tricks

2h 9min intermediate Resources

Create knits that look incredibly professional! Learn the best ways to troubleshoot missed stitches, fix holes and gaps, make savvy yarn substitutions and more.

Episode descriptions

Improving the Basics
1 . Episode: Improving the Basics

Meet Anne Hanson and start by improving your foundational skills. You'll learn how to read your knitting and make smarter decisions by looking between the lines of your pattern. Plus, you'll evaluate gauge in a new light, and troubleshoot fabrics and textures that are tricky to measure.

Making Yarn Work for You
2 . Episode: Making Yarn Work for You

Make your yarn work for you! Anne will help you think about how fibers and fabrics behave, make design-worthy yarn changes and control your yarn by winding it into a cake.

Beautifully Versatile Beginnings
3 . Episode: Beautifully Versatile Beginnings

Starting your project is the most fun, and you'll learn a few tips and techniques that make any cast-on better. As a bonus, you'll see how to apply these tips to your bind-offs! Anne will show you her Grandma's cast-on, a handy technique that works for most projects, and will walk you through a provisional cast-on.

Next Level Knitting Techniques
4 . Episode: Next Level Knitting Techniques

What's next? Techniques to take your knitting to the next level! Anne will share everything she knows about shaping, showing you the most useful increases and decreases. You'll see how to create cables more efficiently (without a separate cable needle), make your knitting more consistent and fix mistakes while on the go.

Fantastic Professional Finishes
5 . Episode: Fantastic Professional Finishes

Put a professional polish on your work with Anne's favorite finishing techniques. She'll show you how to make a decorative knit-on edging, a functional one-row buttonhole and even a mitered corner that's perfect for garments and accessories.

Better Blocking
6 . Episode: Better Blocking

Just when you think you've learned all the designer tips, you'll see there's one last topic: blocking! Sure you can block a simple scarf or hat, but what about textured garments and intricate lace? You'll discover how to steam and wet block to perfection and "lock in" the beautiful structure of your projects.

About the Teacher

Anne Hanson
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2. Episode: Making Yarn Work for You 23min
3. Episode: Beautifully Versatile Beginnings 24min
4. Episode: Next Level Knitting Techniques 27min
5. Episode: Fantastic Professional Finishes 17min


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Improving the Basics
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Improve Your Knitting: Designer Tips & Tricks

Anne Hanson

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Improve Your Knitting: Designer Tips & Tricks