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Discover the secrets to your most precise log cabin quilt blocks yet by cutting your strips ahead of time.

Episode descriptions

Introduction to the Log Cabin Block
1 . Episode: Introduction to the Log Cabin Block

Meet Marti Michell and begin by learning about the history and design characteristics of the Log Cabin block. Then, Marti shares two cutting tricks to improve all of your log cabins. And, you'll get tips for cutting multiple layers of fabric for more efficient piecing.

Classic Log Cabins
2 . Episode: Classic Log Cabins

Give the classic log cabin a fresh look, starting with fabric selection that will complement the split light and dark pattern these classic blocks are known for. Next, develop a speedy cutting layout and take advantage of chain piecing techniques for faster construction.

Fat Quarter Log Cabins, Part One
3 . Episode: Fat Quarter Log Cabins, Part One

Start a gorgeous new block made from fun, easy fat quarters. Marti helps you with fabric selection, and she'll share a specific fabric layering technique for efficient sewing. Plus, master an impressive cutting method that allows you to cut 84 pieces in a fraction of the normal time.

Fat Quarter Log Cabins, Part Two
4 . Episode: Fat Quarter Log Cabins, Part Two

Continue to construct fat quarter creations with Marti's signature method that turns cut strips into automatic chain piecing order. First, review the sewing order for the fat-quarter log cabin. Then, adapt the fat-quarter/1-inch cut strips concept to other strip widths and center square sizes.

Off-Center Log Cabins
5 . Episode: Off-Center Log Cabins

Learn what off-center blocks are, and how you'll approach making them (hint: you may be amazed by how different these quilts look). Marty will also share clever tricks, including varying strip width to create curves with log cabin blocks.

Sewing, Variations & Quilting
6 . Episode: Sewing, Variations & Quilting

Finish your log cabin quilts in style. Learn a special technique for joining blocks. And, discover Marti's favorite binding method, as well as her finishing tips for "no binding, no bulk."

About the Teacher

Marti Michell
Curiously Similar
Nancy Smith
Nancy Smith
You may think you know everything about the log cabin quilt, but you'll be amazed at what you can do! Take a brand-new look at this classic block and make creative quilts in traditional to modern styles.
Barb Eikmeier
Barb Eikmeier
Strip down to the block-making essentials.
Debbie Caffrey
Debbie Caffrey
Transform any quilt pattern into your own custom design!
1. Episode: Introduction to the Log Cabin Block 27min
3. Episode: Fat Quarter Log Cabins, Part One 15min
4. Episode: Fat Quarter Log Cabins, Part Two 21min
6. Episode: Sewing, Variations & Quilting 22min


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Introduction to the Log Cabin Block
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