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Custom Colorwork Techniques: Mitts
Custom Colorwork Techniques: Mitts
Stephannie Tallent
Learn to create your own custom stranded colorwork motifs on a pair of fingerless mitts.
Curiously Similar
Take your Fair Isle skills to new heights! Knit a matching three-color hat and mittens set as you learn to create traditional stranded colorwork.
Donna Druchunas
with Donna Druchunas
Make your projects stand out with modern colorwork motifs. From creating simple dots to intricate designs, build the skills for stranded knitting success.
Mary Jane Mucklestone
with Mary Jane Mucklestone
Knit denser, warmer fabrics featuring beautiful decorative detail! Conquer twined knitting techniques as you make a breathtaking pair of stranded mittens.
Beth Brown-Reinsel
with Beth Brown-Reinsel
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Custom Colorwork Techniques: Mitts