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Make Mine Mini: Baking With Grandbaby Cakes
Make Mine Mini: Baking With Grandbaby Cakes
Jocelyn Delk Adams
Create mini-desserts with huge appeal! The inspired baker behind Grandbaby Cakes shows you how.
Curiously Similar
Make dreamy, custom-flavored cupcakes a sweet reality with new recipes and techniques! Mix and match flavors, frostings, fillings and decorations.
Jennifer Shea
Jennifer Shea
Bring the show-stopping cakes of Baked Bakery to your next party! Baked co-owner Matt Lewis shares his secrets to creating and decorating these crowd-pleasing confections.
Matt  Lewis
Matt Lewis
Build your repertoire of make-ahead techniques to create knockout desserts for any occasion.
Gale Gand
Gale Gand

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Make Mine Mini: Baking With Grandbaby Cakes