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T-Shirt Quilts: Start to Finish
T-Shirt Quilts: Start to Finish
Sara Snuggerud
Turn your favorite T-shirts into a family treasure.
Curiously Similar
Don't let treasured T-shirts collect dust in a drawer. Show them off in a quilt you'll cherish for a lifetime!
Winnie Fleming
with Winnie Fleming
Give your quilts the flawless finish they deserve! Confidently complete any project with beautiful binding and perfect piping. It'’s easier than you think.
Susan  Cleveland
with Susan Cleveland
Learn how to pair complementary quilting with six styles of pieced tops for your most beautiful results yet!
Angela Walters
with Angela Walters
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Besides being really fun to say, the “stack and whack” is a great trick for cutting quilting fabric quickly.
by Lauren Lang
This is a story of firsts: my first quilt, my first boyfriend, and my first trip to the emergency room (okay, technically my fourth trip, but who's counting?).
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T-Shirt Quilts: Start to Finish