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Turn your favorite T-shirts into a family treasure.

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Planning Your Quilt
1 . Episode: Planning Your Quilt

Sara Snuggerud begins class by helping you figure out the number of T-shirts you need for your memory quilt and how to select ones that complement each other. Then, learn to use a rotary cutter for efficient shirt preparation.

Creating Quilt Blocks
2 . Episode: Creating Quilt Blocks

Want maximum quilt comfort? It all starts with the right interfacing! Sara shows you how to make the best choice for your project before moving on to steps for securely applying your interfacing to T-shirts. (It makes it so much easier to sew.) You'll also find out how to determine the master size of your blocks for accurate shirt squaring.

Layout & Design
3 . Episode: Layout & Design

Make sure you're planning a cohesive design! Sara shares her approach for a balanced layout and moves on to pointers for a proper machine setup. Have a shirt that's smaller than the rest? You'll see how to easily upsize it to keep your block size consistent. The lesson ends with tips for fabric choices that set sashing and cornerstones apart.

Constructing the Quilt Top
4 . Episode: Constructing the Quilt Top

Bring that top together. Sara guides you step by step through measuring sashing strips and cornerstones. Move on to assembling your quilt top, complete with sashing, and combining strips for beautiful borders.

Quilt Sandwich
5 . Episode: Quilt Sandwich

Ready to make your quilt sandwich? Start by preparing the quilt back, before Sara shares important tips for choosing the best batting. Then, enjoy a step-by-step breakdown as you prepare your quilt for machine quilting. It just takes some layering and basting!

Quilting & Binding
6 . Episode: Quilting & Binding

Secure your layers as Sara shows you how to machine quilt your project. Along the way, you'll learn the differences between straight line and free-motion quilting, as well as when each is the right choice. Class ends with an easy-to-learn binding that makes for a professional finish.

About the Teacher

Sara Snuggerud
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Winnie Fleming
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Planning Your Quilt
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