2h 45min intermediate Resources

Turn your quilt's negative space into positively fabulous designs! Angela shows how to complement pieced sections with motifs and texture.

Episode descriptions

1 . Episode: Introduction

Meet your instructor, Angela Walters, and gain an overview of free-motion quilting and what you'll learn over the course of the class.

Sketching: Negative Space
2 . Episode: Sketching: Negative Space

What is negative space? Angela answers this question as she teaches you how to sketch designs that can be used to fill in the background of your quilts.

Sketching: Combining Designs
3 . Episode: Sketching: Combining Designs

Take your machine quilting skills a step further as you tackle swirls, leaves and other unique designs that add interesting twists to your quilts.

Sketching: Changing Your Scale
4 . Episode: Sketching: Changing Your Scale

Love a design, but need to make it smaller or larger to fit a specific width? Angela shows you how to resize your designs and sketch them in the scale that you prefer.

Echoing Quilt Designs
5 . Episode: Echoing Quilt Designs

Angela demonstrates techniques on her longarm machine that can be used to echo various quilting designs. Additionally, you'll learn how to mark your quilt top and achieve even, professional-looking results.

Stitching in Negative Space
6 . Episode: Stitching in Negative Space

Bring your designs from Lesson 2 to life as you quilt swirls, lines, circles and any other designs of your choosing with Angela's expert advice along the way.

Quilting Designs
7 . Episode: Quilting Designs

Follow along with Angela or create your own patterns as you learn how to work with various combinations of designs, including swirls, circles, leaves and more!

Changing Scale
8 . Episode: Changing Scale

Practice circles, teardrops, paisley and more in various sizes to achieve a wide variety of looks. Angela also shows you how to highlight a focal point using a gorgeous technique.

Intermediate Design
9 . Episode: Intermediate Design

Kick up your design skills yet another notch as you practice intermediate designs, including wood grain, tiles, flowers and plumes.

Design Gallery
10 . Episode: Design Gallery

To conclude the class, Angela offers quilt "eye candy" to show how many different, dazzling ways you can incorporate these designs into future projects. You'll never look at negative space the same way again!

About the Teacher

Angela Walters
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