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Stack, Cut & Shuffle Quilts
Stack, Cut & Shuffle Quilts
Karla Alexander
Get a three-step recipe to creative quilts from your stash; no need for complex piecing and directions!
Curiously Similar
Strip down to the block-making essentials.
Barb Eikmeier
with Barb Eikmeier
Is your stash stocked with pre-cut squares and strips? Find out how to turn them into beautiful blocks that look so complex, no one will know they were easy to sew!
Angela Pingel
with Angela Pingel
Transform any quilt pattern into your own custom design!
Debbie Caffrey
with Debbie Caffrey
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Besides being really fun to say, the “stack and whack” is a great trick for cutting quilting fabric quickly.
by Lauren Lang
Look around your workspace — do you tend to collect and use specific colors of fabric, yarn, thread or other materials? That’s totally normal: Designers, artists and makers often gravitate to the same shades over and over again. But, as you start thinking about your fall projects, consider breaking out of your color comfort zone! Working with less familiar hues is a good challenge and can even help bring your work in new directions.
by Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill
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Stack, Cut & Shuffle Quilts