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Learn to comfortably knit left-handed.

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Left-Hand Basics
1 . Episode: Left-Hand Basics

Let's get knitting! Rick Mondragon starts things off with a helpful breakdown of the differences between English and Continental knitting for lefties. Then, get to work as he helps you cast on, work knit stitches and bind off, all with with your left hand in charge.

Purl & Textured Stitches
2 . Episode: Purl & Textured Stitches

Explore the purl stitch with an expert by your side. Rick guides you through the basic stitch and shows you how to combine purls with knits to create a variety of textured stitch patterns. You'll wrap things up with steps to bind off purlwise and in pattern!

3 . Episode: Decreases

All set for shaping? Rick shares several ways to decrease stitches, including paired decreases and purl decreases. Along the way, you'll learn the benefits of each decrease and when to use it.

4 . Episode: Increases

Now things are taking shape! Turn your focus to the other half of the equation as Rick walks you through the world of increases. Together, you'll tackle basic increases, mirrored increases and purled increases.

5 . Episode: Cables

Get your left and right brain working by learning to make cables! First find out how to make quick sense of a cable chart and tackle two basic twists. Then explore some popular options in the form of rope cables, braids and panels.

Pattern Practice
6 . Episode: Pattern Practice

Put your new skills to the test! Evaluate a few standard patterns with Rick to find the simple tweaks that will keep your left-handed knitting feeling natural and effective. Plus, learn Rick’s signature method for knitting faster without ever turning your work!

About the Teacher

Rick Mondragon
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Left-Hand Basics
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Left-Handed Knitting

Rick Mondragon

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