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Sizing Knitwear Patterns
Sizing Knitwear Patterns
Faina Goberstein
Whether your goal is to sell online, get published, or knit a sweater to fit, with Faina's expert grading tips, you'll be on your way to pattern success!
Curiously Similar
Shirley Paden, author of "Knitwear Design Workshop," brings her concepts to Craftsy! Learn her comprehensive yet simple process for beautiful fabric and knitwear.
Shirley Paden
with Shirley Paden
Edie Eckman teaches knitting designers how to write clear and correct patterns that editors and other knitters will love - and buy!
Edie Eckman
with Edie Eckman
Embrace the complexities of lace as you learn to design shawl patterns that flow logically and organically from one stitch pattern to the next.
Miriam Felton
with Miriam Felton
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The key to accurately measuring gauge is to work your swatch in the same way that you plan to work the knitted piece. Translation: if you’re knitting a sweater in the round, your swatch should be knit in the round, too.
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We love traditional embroidery, but lately our fiber radar has been focused on the beautiful textures created with needle punching. Uh, what's that, you ask? We'll fill you in: Needle punching (aka punch needle) might look like embroidery when you just see the tools — you need embroidery floss or yarn, a hoop, fabric, and scissors to start. But there's one extra tool that makes a big difference: a needle punch.
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Sizing Knitwear Patterns