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Intro to Knitting
1 . Episode: Intro to Knitting

Meet Susan B. Anderson and get a brief introduction to knitting. Then jump to the best part of knitting: the yarn! Learn about the different fibers and sizes to choose from, as well as the best types for beginners.

What You Need
2 . Episode: What You Need

One of the best things about knitting is that it doesn't require a lot of supplies. In this lesson, Susan helps you choose what you need for your projects and shares a few additional tools to stock your knitting bag.

Casting On
3 . Episode: Casting On

This is when the fun begins! Susan shares her tried-and-true method for getting your stitches onto your needles. Then cast on for your very first project: a pair of hand warmers.

The Knit Stitch
4 . Episode: The Knit Stitch

Explore the knit stitch, the most basic unit of knitting, and use it to create garter stitch. Then try your hand at two different knitting styles, Continental and English, and decide which one works best for you. Afterwards, you'll add the first rows to your hand warmers.

The Purl Stitch, English
5 . Episode: The Purl Stitch, English

In this lesson, you'll learn the English-style purl stitch. Then, explore a new stitch pattern, the stockinette stitch, by alternating rows of knits and purls.

Ribbing, English
6 . Episode: Ribbing, English

Using the English style of knitting, complete your hand warmers by working the rib stitch pattern. By alternating knits and purls in the same row, you'll create a textured, stretchy finish. See how to manage your yarn as you switch between stitches.

The Purl Stitch, Continental
7 . Episode: The Purl Stitch, Continental

In this lesson, you'll work the Continental-style purl stitch, holding the yarn in your left hand. Then explore a new stitch pattern, the stockinette stitch, by alternating rows of knits and purls.

Ribbing, Continental
8 . Episode: Ribbing, Continental

Complete your hand warmers by working the Continental-style rib stitch pattern. By alternating knits and purls in the same row, you'll create a textured, stretchy finish. Learn how to manage your yarn as you switch between stitches.

Binding Off
9 . Episode: Binding Off

Whether you’re knitting English- or Continental-style, you'll need a way to get your stitches off the needles and keep them secure. In this lesson, Susan explains what binding off is as you practice on your hand warmers.

10 . Episode: Finishing

Once you've finished knitting your hand warmers, seam them and weave in any loose yarn ends. Afterwards, uncover the magic of blocking as you learn to block your own knits.

Reading a Pattern
11 . Episode: Reading a Pattern

In order to tackle your favorite knitting projects, you'll need to know your way around the pattern. In this lesson, Susan walks you through each part of a knitting pattern and helps you understand how written instructions translate to actual knitting.

Knitting in the Round
12 . Episode: Knitting in the Round

Take your knitting from flat to round by knitting in the round! Discover the best way to cast on and start your round, plus tips for keeping track of where you are and which direction you should be knitting.

Waffle Stitch Cowl
13 . Episode: Waffle Stitch Cowl

Practice knitting in the round by working the Waffle Stitch Cowl pattern included in your class materials. And, while you're at it, try a new stitch pattern!

14 . Episode: Shaping

Shaping opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities for your knitting. In this lesson, you'll practice basic increase and decrease stitches to make your knitting wider or narrower.

Changing Colors
15 . Episode: Changing Colors

Have fun with your knitting by playing with color! Susan shows you how to knit stripes, both flat and in the round, and shares tips and tricks for changing colors with different stitch patterns.

Striped Hat
16 . Episode: Striped Hat

Build on your skills by working your next project: a striped pom-pom hat. Practice working in the round, knitting stripes, and using decreases to shape the top of your hat.

Fixing Common Mistakes
17 . Episode: Fixing Common Mistakes

Remember, no one knits perfectly the first time around. In this final lesson, Susan helps you fix some common beginner mistakes, and identify what went wrong in the first place!

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Susan B. Anderson
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5. Episode: The Purl Stitch, English 11min
7. Episode: The Purl Stitch, Continental 13min
12. Episode: Knitting in the Round 10min
17. Episode: Fixing Common Mistakes 21min


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