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Explore quilting essentials as you make a quilt from start to finish.

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What You Need: Fabrics & Tools
1 . Episode: What You Need: Fabrics & Tools

It's every quilter's favorite part of project prep: shopping! In this first lesson, meet Christa Watson, who explains what quilting is, then shares key pointers to keep in mind when shopping for tools and fabric.

Exercise: Know Your Machine
2 . Episode: Exercise: Know Your Machine

Understand what type of sewing machine best suits your needs, including the features worth splurging on (or not!). Then, get familiar with your machine as you learn to thread it, wind a bobbin and keep an accurate seam allowance.

Setup: Working With Patterns
3 . Episode: Setup: Working With Patterns

Christa discusses the information that's included in quilting patterns. Find out how to work with them as you piece your tops. Plus, get Christa's tips for choosing projects successfully.

Make It: Cutting the Pieces
4 . Episode: Make It: Cutting the Pieces

Before you begin sewing, you'll need to cut the pieces for your blocks. Learn to work with a rotary cutter and mat as you cut yardage, fat quarters and more.

Make It: Chain Blocks
5 . Episode: Make It: Chain Blocks

Get right into action by sewing up the quilt's first block, the Chain Block! See how to keep track of all nine pieces as you sew and press the first block, and sew several blocks together at once.

Make It: Star Blocks
6 . Episode: Make It: Star Blocks

Throw some half-square triangle units into the mix as you sew the second block of your quilt. Find out how to tame stretchy edges. And, get Christa's tips for ensuring that all of your star points face the right direction.

Make It: Assembling the Quilt Top
7 . Episode: Make It: Assembling the Quilt Top

Now, it's time to have some fun with assembly! Arrange and organize your quilt blocks before you sew them together. Then, sew blocks into rows and rows into the inner top. We think you'll love Christa's method for keeping your blocks in order as you sew!

Make It: Borders
8 . Episode: Make It: Borders

Your quilt top is almost done! All you need to do is add the solid and scrappy borders to set off the design. In this lesson, learn how to piece and add each border, and fix them if they're slightly too long for your quilt.

Make It: Backing & Batting
9 . Episode: Make It: Backing & Batting

Here, you'll prepare the remaining layers for your quilt. Learn how to choose and prepare batting (the center layer of the quilt) and piece the backing fabric.

Make It: Basting
10 . Episode: Make It: Basting

The secret to quality quilting? Successful basting, which means sandwiching all of the layers together securely. Christa teaches you how to spray-baste the layers and assemble your quilt, explaining why pressing helps ensure solid results.

Make It: Find Your Quilting Path
11 . Episode: Make It: Find Your Quilting Path

Quilting, the stitching that holds layers together, can really accentuate your piecing work. Discover different ways to accomplish this, from working with a longarm quilter to using your domestic machine. And, see how to stitch in the ditch and apply decorative wavy lines using your walking foot.

Exercise: Free-Motion Quilting
12 . Episode: Exercise: Free-Motion Quilting

Ready to dip your toes into free-motion quilting? This method allows you to move your needle in any direction. If you'd like, layer a stipple and continuous curve design to your quilt top, or just practice for your next quilt.

Make It: Binding
13 . Episode: Make It: Binding

Finish the edges of your quilt by applying a binding. Here, Christa shows you how to prepare for this step. Learn to cut and piece the strips to create the binding, calculate the length you need for any quilt, and square up, or trim, your quilt.

Make It: Binding the Quilt
14 . Episode: Make It: Binding the Quilt

You're almost there! In this final lesson, find out how to sew the binding to the quilt and finish it by hand. Easily work with the corners and join the tails with Christa's expert instruction, then get ready to enjoy your new quilt!

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Christa Watson
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1. Episode: What You Need: Fabrics & Tools 28min
2. Episode: Exercise: Know Your Machine 25min
3. Episode: Setup: Working With Patterns 9min
4. Episode: Make It: Cutting the Pieces 38min
7. Episode: Make It: Assembling the Quilt Top 28min
9. Episode: Make It: Backing & Batting 11min
11. Episode: Make It: Find Your Quilting Path 38min
12. Episode: Exercise: Free-Motion Quilting 23min
14. Episode: Make It: Binding the Quilt 37min


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