Sew Before You Cut: Strip Piecing Shortcuts

1h 34min intermediate Resources

Discover the secret to faster, more accurate piecing.

Episode descriptions

Fence Rail Blocks
1. Episode: Fence Rail Blocks

Marti starts with her time-saving method of sewing strips together before cutting them. Then she shares the secrets to sewing accurate blocks. Also, learn a simple yet classic fence rail block; you'll see how to dramatically change the look of your quilt depending on the strip color and order you choose.

Cylinder Pieced Quilts
2. Episode: Cylinder Pieced Quilts

See how sewing several strips into a cylinder leads the way to beautiful blocks with color gradations that aren't hard to follow! After that, discover a remarkably simple technique to create popular sunshine, shadow and Bargello-style quilts.

Patchwork  Blocks
3. Episode: Patchwork Blocks

Who doesn't love a good four-patch? In this lesson, Marti shows you how strip piecing makes it easy to sew your squares in pairs and achieve flat, nested seams without a lot of pressing. Then, move on to nine- and 16-patch blocks. You'll save time on many classic quilt patterns or one you design yourself!

Enhancing Existing Designs
4. Episode: Enhancing Existing Designs

What happens when a quilt has more than one block style? Find out as you combine classic blocks such as fence rail and four-patch to make entirely new designs. After that, learn to cut setting triangles to make on-point quilts. And, see how strip-pieced sashing and simple cornerstones polish up an already beautiful design.

Chain Blocks
5. Episode: Chain Blocks

Marti shares how to apply strip-piecing tricks to chain blocks, how to sew the patch and chain units, and which type of fabrics to use to make this quilt shine. She also discusses single and double Irish chains.

Irregular Blocks
6. Episode: Irregular Blocks

Wrap things up as Marti shares tips for piecing irregular blocks. Then she shows you how to break down and sew the off-center nine-patch and tic-tac-toe blocks. Plus, look at some inspiring quilts to see just how far your strip-piecing can go.

About the Teacher

Marti Michell
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Fence Rail Blocks
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Sew Before You Cut: Strip Piecing Shortcuts

Marti Michell

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Sew Before You Cut: Strip Piecing Shortcuts