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Finish It! Borders, Backing, Binding & Beyond
Finish It! Borders, Backing, Binding & Beyond
Kelly Ashton
Take the guesswork out of finishing your quilts with practical tools and techniques.
Curiously Similar
Discover the secret to faster, more accurate piecing.
Marti  Michell
Marti Michell
Give your quilts the flawless finish they deserve! Confidently complete any project with beautiful binding and perfect piping. It's easier than you think.
Susan  Cleveland
Susan Cleveland
Consistently stitch versatile, modern quilting designs using specialty rulers.
Angela Walters
Angela Walters
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Accuracy is everything when it comes to piecing. So many angles to align and pieces to match. And there’s nothing more frustrating than cutting up your favorite fabrics and laboring over an A+ quilt block only to discover that it’s come out too small, or the pieces don’t fit together quite right, or whatever misfortune tends to befall you at this phase. Here are a few things you can do to improve accuracy and prevent the sting of a bad piece.
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Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill
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Finish It! Borders, Backing, Binding & Beyond