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Say hello to the Midnight Quilt Show, a YouTube series that celebrates late-night stitches, taking shortcuts and sewing in your PJs! Each week, host Angela Walters will bring you a quick and quippy breakdown of a brand new quilt… wine not included.

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Episode descriptions

Town Square
1. Episode: Town Square

This four-patch variation with cornerstones is the talk of the town! Watch Angela as she plays with color and dot-to-dot quilting.

Strip City
2. Episode: Strip City

Believe it or not, this quilt is only made of straight seams! Watch it "unfold" as Angela conquers the Strip City pattern with Boundless blues.

3. Episode: Stars

Quilting just got better. Join Angela in her first episode as she stitches up her exclusive variable-star quilt design.

Solar Flare
4. Episode: Solar Flare

Rainbows come out after dark when Angela whips up a rainbow lone star quilt!

Rail Fence
5. Episode: Rail Fence

What happens when a rail fence meets a log cabin? Angela Walters' modern, lush batik quilt, demonstrated here!

Laurel Wreath
6. Episode: Laurel Wreath

Angela brings you her laurel wreath quilt, the perfect excuse to showcase your most prized scraps and highlight it all with gorgeous free-motion quilting.

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Angela Walters

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