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Welcome to Man About Cake, a weekly YouTube show full of laughs… and tiers. Kick it with our Caked Crusader, Joshua John Russell.

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Episode descriptions

White Monochrome Cake
1. Episode: White Monochrome Cake

An all-white cake doesn't have to be plain. JJR is back and bolder than ever with this four-tier white monochrome wedding cake.

Manly Cakes
2. Episode: Manly Cakes

You've asked, and we heard! Here is one EPIC loaded manly cake with brownie, cheesecake, cookie, chocolate and beard oil (just kidding). We dare you to make one.

Elegant Triple Chocolate Cake
3. Episode: Elegant Triple Chocolate Cake

Cover us in ganache too, please! See JJR create a show-stopping triple chocolate cake.

 Whimsical Winter Cake
4. Episode: Whimsical Winter Cake

You've long been asking for a holiday cake. Here's Man About Cake's fun twist on a snowy whimsical winter cake scene.

Dark Wedding Cake
5. Episode: Dark Wedding Cake

Know a groom or bride with a dark side? Tackle this dark wedding cake with a surprising flavor profile!

Illustrated Cakes: Cosmic Love
6. Episode: Illustrated Cakes: Cosmic Love

Celebrate a love that's out of this world with Joshua John Russell's "cosmic love" illustrated cake!

Ombre Fondant Ruffle Cake
7. Episode: Ombre Fondant Ruffle Cake

Watch JJR make ombré fondant ruffles and stud this cake with incredible custom "gems."

Quilted Fashion Fringe Cake
8. Episode: Quilted Fashion Fringe Cake

This cake's got sole. JJR demonstrates fashion fondant techniques, piped stringwork and tops it off with a custom sugar shoe topper.

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