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      Revealing: The Art of Identity
      Revealing: The Art of Identity
      Many artists use their work to express and question ideas about the self. In this Bluprint Original miniseries, we investigate identity through the lens of four individuals, taking a glimpse into their process as they embark on one of the most personal artistic exercises — the self-portrait.
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      Elevate your art journaling with a variety of water-based materials.
      Judith Cassel-Mamet
      Judith Cassel-Mamet
      Bring new energy and interest to your work. Learn inspiring mixed media techniques for working with a variety of acrylic paints, mediums and dry materials.
      Bonnie Cutts
      Bonnie Cutts
      The world of quilting brings together a colorful patchwork of perspectives and people. And much like a top, no two are exactly alike. In our five-part series Patchwork Nation, we dive into the seams of that colorful community, connecting with five talented, artistic quilters — each with very different takes on quilting, creativity, and as it would turn out, life.
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      We all have our go-to doodles. You know, those familiar shapes and pictures that seem to appear by magic on scraps of paper when you're not even aware that you're scribbling. As it turns out, what you choose to doodle can say a lot about your personality!
      Jessie Oleson Moore
      Follow a few amazing travel sketchers on Instagram and live vicariously through their on-the-scene, far-flung artwork. Here are some of our favorites!
      Sara Barnes
      Calling Simon Doonan a window dresser is like calling Beyonce is a "singer" — and understatement is definitely not this multi-talented artist's thing. He goes big, lending his flair to everything from the legendary Barney's New York window displays to the Obama holiday White House. This July, you'll see him as a judge for NBC's new creative competition show, Making It with Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman.
      Elaine Lipson
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      Revealing: The Art of Identity